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Dr. Dave's Herbal Medicine, LLC is committed to bringing you the highest quality herbal remedies available today. Instead of bringing you every type of remedy under the sun, we decided to focus our company on respiratory conditions. Instead of being a Jack of all Trades, we decided to be Masters of One. Not only do we specialize in respiratory conditions, but in particular respiratory conditions in individuals who are affected by dry conditions.

Dry conditions include not only people who live in an arid climate, but also those who live or work in places with forced air heat, excessive air conditioning or wood burning stoves. For instance, forced air heat significantly dries the air in the home or workplace. Breathing dry air on a daily basis slowly but surely dries out the nose, lungs and sinus passageways. Once dried out, the lungs, for instance, are a bit less supple and a bit more susceptible to pathogenic factors. And, over the counter medications such as Claritin and many herbal remedies are drying in nature, further drying out the lungs, nose and sinuses. Dr Dave's recognizes this dilemma. How does one treat a condition like sinusitis or a dry cough without overly drying the respiratory passageways? This is accomplished by adding moistening ingredients to the remedies and lowering the percentages of drying ingredients. The result is herbal remedies which are effective, but won't leave you dried out.

Try them out for yourself! We think you'll be pleased.

A Note From Our Owner Stacy Rae, L.Ac

  • Practicing Licensed Acupuncturist in Colorado since 2002
  • NCCAOM Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • MSOM Southwest Acupuncture. Boulder Colorado
  • BS Kinesiology University of Colorado., Boulder

I was introduced to Dave Teitler, L.Ac. the original owner of Dr. Dave’s, in 2002. He invited me to look at his products, explaining how he formulated the Chinese herbal tinctures specifically for use in the dry climates of Colorado and the southwestern US.

I started to carry his full line of products in 2003 for my patients in my private acupuncture practice. The way in which the tinctures are prepared maximizes the body’s absorption of the herbs and the results have been excellent.

Dave sold the business to Mandy Hemmert, a licensed pharmacist who had been using the products for herself and her family. She operated the business for 4 years.

Mandy reached out to me to see if I was interested in taking over the business. As a long time supporter of the products, it was a natural fit. I am thrilled to be running Dr. Dave’s and offering the same great products and the highest level of customer support.

If you have any questions or just want to say hi, please reach out to me. We will have some exciting things coming.

Yours in health,

, L.Ac.

The Story of Dr. Dave's Herbal Medicine

  • 1997

    Dr. Dave’s was founded by Dave Teitler, Licensed Acupuncturist. He “prescribed” several remedies to clients and then as they became more popular, tried and true, he developed them into tinctures. Each product was used in the clinic before introduction to the product line.

  • 2002

    Stacy Rae, L.Ac. was introduced to David Teitler, L.Ac. and his Chinese herbal product line in Carbondale, CO.

  • Mid 2003

    Stacy started to carry Dr. Dave’s full line in her acupuncture practice. She recognized that the formulas are well thought out and have been time tested with proven results. The bioavailability of the herbs is maximized by the preparation in tinctured form.

  • Mid 2016

    After a couple of years, the products were not readily available. Stacy grew concerned as her patients had come to depend on them. She reached out to Dave and had found out the business had been under the management of a different individual who was not doing justice to it.

  • End of 2016

    Stacy introduced Mandy to Dave. Mandy convinced Dave to sell the business to her.

  • End of 2020

    Mandy reaches out to Stacy to see if she would be interested in taking over the business. It’s a wonderful fit and Stacy becomes the new owner of Dr. Daves.

  • 2021

    Stacy and her team are growing and expanding the business. Stay tuned as we add new products in the future.

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