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I always hook up people with Allergies Away. Whenever someone comes into our store with seasonal allergies, that is what we recommend first.

Aaron Jack Clark's Market, Aspen, Colorado

Some time ago, I was introduced to Allergies Away. I consider it only slightly below a miracle help. Within minutes, I can feel it working. Thanks for your work in devising this formula. It is great!

Diane B.

Bad allergies need good medicine. You go it! Thanks.

Jane C.

How wonderful to know there are still businesses who still care about the customer...AND have AWESOME products! Thanks VERY much!

Paul R.

I hate store cough remedies (ie: Robitussin), they make me feel horrible. Cough Arrest works so well without the drugs. It's a godsend, thank you for making it!!

Jessica B.

The tinctures work like magic! Cured my son who started having red, itchy eyes for the first time.

Valerie H.

Ever since I have discovered your amazing tinctures, they are the ONLY ones that WORK and that I use. I tell EVERYONE. You're a miracle worker. Let me know if you ever sell stocks in your company.

Barbara R.

It's great stuff and you can quote me on it.

Cory M.

I love Cough Arrest! My family has many bouts with chronic bronchitis. At the first sign of it, I get my kids on Cough Arrest right away. Thanks so much for formulating it!

Cheri M.

Dr. Dave, your tinctures are the BEST. Thanks!

Rebecca Miller L. Ac.

I have used Dr. Dave’s Chinese Herbal products for many years. Allergies Away and Super Sinus are my #1 herbal treatments for seasonal allergies and the ones requested most by my patients. I prefer the customized formulation for the Southwest climate that Dr. Dave’s provides and have always had excellent service. I highly recommend his formulas.

Peter Stege D.O.M.

I have used Dr. Dave's Mushroom Tonic for many years. My clients love it, especially through the cold and flu season.

K. Steinbock Red Dragon Acupuncture Clinic

I have used Dr. Dave's Herbal Medicines for ten years and always had wonderful results. His sinus formulas have been amazing for my clients in preparation for allergy season and to quell acute hay fever. As a person, Dave has always been available to answer any questions of concerns I might have. I highly recommend Dave's entire line of formulas.

Erin Pass L.Ac., Dipl. C.H. Acupuncture Clinic of Boulder

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