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Roanne R. Houck, N.D. GunnisonRoanne R. Houck, N.D. Gunnison

I have recommended Dr. Dave’s product for many years and have found the herbal blends to be effective, easy to take and affordable. The Mushroom Tonic is a nice choice for use all winter as an immune tonic and the Sinus Guard for both acute and preventative use. The company is reputable, ingredients are thoughtfully selected, and patients appreciate the effectiveness of the products.
Kristie-SteinbockK. Steinbock, Masters of Science, Licensed Acupuncturist
Red Dragon Acupuncture Clinic

I have used Dr. Dave's Mushroom Tonic for many years. My clients love it, especially through the cold and flu season.
Clarks-MarketAaron Jack, Clark's Market, Aspen, Colorado

I always hook up people with Allergies Away. Whenever someone comes into our store with seasonal allergies, that is what we recommend first.

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